1) Are you a renter or a landlord?
This application is for renters only. Landlords are encouraged to refer their tenants in need of assistance to this program.

2) Is your rental unit in East Baton Rouge Parish?
If you are not sure, please visit to search for the list of zip codes in East Baton Rouge Parish. If you are not located in East Baton Rouge Parish, you will not be eligible for the assistance program for East Baton Rouge Parish and should not complete the application for this program. You may be eligible for assistance through the State’s program. Please visit for more information.

3) Review the list of documents needed to apply.
Review the Renter Documentation Checklist before starting your application. These documents need to be scanned in order to upload them within your application. Please collect all documents and prepare them for uploading before starting your application. Resource Page

4) Once you begin your application, you will not be able to save and re-enter the application later. After you submit an application, only an ERAP Case Manager will be able to access your application to make changes or to add supporting documents. Review the Renter Application Guide before you begin filling out the application. Resource Page